So I guess this is the part of the website where I'm supposed to let you know a little about me. I'm going to try to keep it simple in a complicated world. ;) I have many interests. Some of them are evident here on this website i.e. the photography, modeling, styling, journalism, dancing... and some of them are hidden. Like the real estate entrepreneur that I have made of myself, and the writing abilities that I have through poems. I may give you a sneaky peek of some of that a little more down the line, but I wont divulge all to you at one time. Gotta keep the mystery. lol. This site is intended for the use of modeling gigs, acting, TV shows, music videos, commercials, and of course movies. I have taken years of classes down at the Larry Moss Performing arts studios in Santa Monica, CA. Where much of my experience performing in front of people and losing my nerves began. You can see some of the movies, videos, TV shows I've been in on the video portion of this site. Which actually should be called resume. But well fix that later. Markus!! lol, (web designer) .

I'm getting off track, didn't I say that I was going to keep it simple? Damn ADD! Okay, so where were we? So what am I doing now? I'm currently in the best show in Vegas, Crazy Girls, performing nightly @ the Riviera hotel. Its the longest running burlesque topless cabaret show in Vegas. 23 years. You all have to come out and see me and all of my very close girlfriends in this titillating experience. We're dark Tuesdays. I'm also in collaboration with my best friend and photographer/musician Bruno Talledo to create a multi genre CD. I will write all of the lyrics, and we'll compose all of the music. I've been writing poetry all of my life, and most recently been inspired to take up the craft again, and decided that why not try and use my resources, take my friend, and create some beautiful music together. Together we are very creative and have always produced the most artistic things together. So why not? I'm giving it a shot.

I'm also working on putting an autobiography together since till this day my life has been quite the interesting one to say the least. To keep it simple, reality is better than fiction. We'll just say that. Most people wont believe some of the things I've been through, going through, or will go through. Up and out is through. So I'm going through. lol This is a project that I just started so please don't expect anything in the next few months, it will be a long minute before this comes out. Its something that I'm working on. Basically a sperm and an egg right now. ha ha. Next month hopefully it will be a fertilized egg. LOL! Yes I have to get to work on it.

So far this is basically about my career so now lets get a little more personal and tell you about my self, my personality, my soul, and who I really am. To start off, I am a very spiritual person, I study all religions and embrace them all. I don't believe that going to church to prove to everyone else makes you holy or a good person in general. I believe that each person has a sacred relationship with the creator of all things.. and as long as you listen to that good voice that tells you what to do, you should be going down the right path. I'm getting very serious at this point as that is a quality that I have about my character, but another, the ying and the yang, is the playful side of me. Laughing and clowning around is my favorite thing to do in life, I think that it is essential to my mental, emotional, and physical health and need it on a daily basis... if not hourly. Another essential element that I need in my life are: relationships and close friends. Real ones. Meaningful ones. Ones that you have for life. Life friends or life loves. I believe in honesty to the nth degree, if I'm feeling it, I let it out. I have to. I'm not one to fake and play games. To me that defeats the purpose of life. Be real. Be what you feel. Be who you are. Not what you think every one else thinks what you should be. Or the "Ideal" you. Bull shit! I love flawed people!!!! I love a persons flaws, to me, that makes them beautiful. The perfect person I do not have ANY interest in. Whatsoever. Zilch. I value my family dearly, my beautiful bears-doggies, and friends. To me, this is what life is about. These things in life come first. Career comes after them.

For the most part I am a very happy person, but sometimes, oh sometimes, I feel the pain of life, and like to express it. If I didn't have pain, I wouldn't know what love is. Also, I wouldn't have the poetry I do, or be a quarter of the character I am. Again, flawed human beings are the BESTESTEST, LOL. If I'm going through a bump in the road, oh everyone knows about it. Poor friends. LOL

So I'm going to leave my bio alone now. I'll keep going and going to a point where I will write my book right here right now in this bio. LOL Also I have to get ready for the show.....

So people, friends, unknowns, and the rest of you, embrace the moment, take time not for granted, but as temporary. Life is a miracle and a blessing and to be alive right now I'm so grateful!!!!!

Peace out bro's and sis's yiiiiiiiiaaah!!

Come get to know me, and ultimately.... love me.


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